Technical Tours

Updated There is still the opportunity to register for technical tours during the conference - provided they are not full.

Powerex Corp. – Energy Trade Floor Tour *FULL*

Date:                        Monday, 22 July 2013
Departure Time:      1:30 pm                            Return Time: 4:00 pm
Transportation:        ~10 minute walk from the General Meeting Hotel
Pre-registration:      Required (30 people max.)


Tour Description:

Following a short presentation on wholesale energy markets and the business of Powerex, participants will be taken on a tour of Powerex’ trade floor.

About Powerex:

Powerex was established in 1988 as the wholly-owned electricity marketing subsidiary of BC Hydro – Canada’s third largest electric utility – responsible for marketing BC Hydro’s surplus electricity in the west. Today, it is a key participant in energy markets across North America, buying and supplying physical wholesale power, natural gas, ancillary services, and more recently, environmental products with an ever-expanding list of trade partners.
Powerex’s portfolio of energy resources includes purchases of power and natural gas from a wide variety of energy suppliers across North America, as well as the highly reliable Canadian Entitlement energy derived from the Canada/US Columbia River Treaty.
The knowledge, expertise and creativity of its staff allow it to meet the changing demands of the markets and needs of its customers. Powerex’s employees closely follow the markets, enabling it to quickly respond to market changes. And Powerex’s in-depth knowledge of the various markets, transmission and gas transportation systems helps it find creative solutions for securing and moving energy to support our trade agreements.
In a changing market, Powerex has outlasted many of its competitors and evolved from an electricity marketing company to an energy trading and marketing company, offering a variety of products and services in traditional energy and emerging markets.
Powerex’s chief competitive advantages have been the quality of its service, the integrity and creativity of its people, and its ability to reliably deliver energy products and services.

Trade Floor:

From its trade floor in downtown Vancouver, Powerex trades energy for terms ranging from hours to days, weeks, months and longer. Powerex works with its customers to create customized energy solutions to meet their specific daily and seasonal energy needs. And to ensure it can always meet its customers’ requirements, Powerex operates one of the largest real-time trading desks in the west, open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Centre of Energy Education and Research (CEER) in BCIT

Date:                      Monday, 22 July 2013
Departure Time:    12:30 pm                             Return Time: 4:00 pm
Transportation:      Shuttle Transportation will be provided from the General Meeting Hotel
Pre-registration:     Required (25 people max.)


Tour Description:

The School of Energy’s boiler, co-generation and industrial instrumentation facility is a significant part of infrastructure construction happening at BCIT.

The facility forms the basis of the Centre for Energy Education and Research (CEER). Highlights of the new multi-million dollar energy studies centre include:
• The cleanest operating boiler in Western Canada, with controls to minimize emissions and maximize energy efficiency aligning us with the BC Government’s clean energy mandate.
• A 300 kW electrical generator to harness the output from the boiler as part of BCIT’s“intelligent microgrid”.
• The multi-fuel boiler produces enough steam to supply multiple remote labs around campus, including the unit operations lab, the turbine co-generation lab, the pulp and paper lab, and the industrial instrumentation lab.

Check the following link for a video tour.


UBC's Energy Sustainability Tour

Date:                      Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Departure Time:    12:30 pm                             Return Time: 4:00 pm
Transportation:      Shuttle Transportation will be provided from the General Meeting Hotel
Pre-registration:     Required (45 people max.)


Tour Description:

The Bioenergy Research & Demonstration Facility at The University of British Columbia is the first demonstration of its kind in the world of a community-scale heat and power system fuelled by biomass.

The system, fueled by biomass, creates synthesis (syn) gas that is then burned, in raw form, to produce steam or it is conditioned to create ultra clean syn gas that is injected into an internal combustion engine used to generate electricity. The system provides heat and power to The University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus. It facilitates research to develop feedstock (fuel) and process innovations, set new global standards for performance and emissions and lowers the campus’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and fossil fuel consumption.

More UBC Information is available here:

Technical Visit to BC Hydro System Control Centre *FULL*

Date:                            Wednesday, 24 July 2013
Departure Time:          5:00 pm                             Return Time: 8:30 pm
Transportation:            Shuttle Transportation will be provided from the General Meeting Hotel
Pre-registration:          Required (30 people max.)


Tour Description:

Fraser Valley Office is BC Hydro main control centre with the main function to exercise control of provincial transmission network, generation and distribution. The centre is housed in a new building constructed in 2007 and is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology for power system control. The visit will cover the tour of the building including the control room and computer rooms. Informative presentations will be given on topics related to BC Hydro Real-time Operations, Energy Management System (EMS) and Distribution Management system (DMS). Live demonstrations of BC Hydro EMS and DMS advanced applications will be performed.

Powertech Labs Inc.

Date:                            Wednesday, 24 July 2013
Departure Time:          12:30 pm                             Return Time: 4:00 pm
Transportation:            Shuttle Transportation will be provided from the General Meeting Hotel
Pre-registration:           Required (45 people max.)


Tour Description:

Powertech Labs Inc. (Powertech), a BC Hydro subsidiary, specializes in clean energy consulting, independent testing services and power system solutions. Since our inception in 1979, we have served a wide range of utilities companies, oil & gas companies and automotive & electrical equipment manufacturers in order to meet the complex and changing needs of our clients around the world. Operating on a separate, commercial basis for most of our 20-year history, we have been providing energy based consulting and testing services to governments, utilities, Fortune 500 companies and communities since our inception. Powertech serves over 400 clients from across all five continents. Combining our multidisciplinary, expert staff of engineers, scientists and technologists, with our world leading testing facilities gives Powertech a unique perspective to help clients from around the globe assess, test and demonstrate their energy systems and energy-related technologies. We are located on an 11 acre, 21-lab campus in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Facility Tour will include the following presentation and/or demonstrations:


• An Introduction from Powertech’s Managing Director, Raymond Lings - Introduction and the History of Powertech and Its People, Relationship with BC Hydro - PowerPoint Presentation on Powertech. 
• Software Presentation - A presentation on Powertech’s software business and solutions that we are able to provide to our clients. 
• DSATools Presentation/Demonstration - Demonstration of the DSATools software including the on-line dynamic security assessment. 
• High Voltage Lab Overview/Demonstration - The highlights of our test equipment include 800 kV Resonant test set, 3.2 MV Impulse generator and 1000 kV DC generator. Some of the tests that are performed in the lab include: AC and DC withstand tests, Lightning and Switching Impulse withstand test, Partial Discharge and Corona Tests. 
• Scanning Electron Microscope Demonstration – You may witness testing on the state-of-the-art variable pressure scanning electron microscope with an EDS micro-analyzer attachment and a powerful image analysis module. 
• Materials Lab Presentation/Demonstration – You may see examples of failure analysis, damaged equipment, and various systems and structure assessments. These may witness vibration testing, cavitation erosion repair and a variety of metallography equipment, hardness testers, impact-testing machines and servo-hydraulic tensile testers. 
• Electric Vehicle Charging Station with Vehicle Presentation/Demonstration – You will see examples of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and a sampling of electric vehicles from the Powertech and BC Hydro fleet. 
• Hydrogen Fueling Station with Vehicle Presentation/Demonstration - An overview of how a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and compressed hydrogen fueling station operate. 
• Hydrogen Technology Centre, Cylinder Testing Facility - A general tour is likely to see examples of high-pressure fuel cylinder technologies that are tested at Powertech.