2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
Call for Papers

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The 2013 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting will be held 21 – 25 July 2013 at the Marriott, the Renaissance by Marriott and the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This premier power engineering conference will bring together practicing power engineers and academics from all over the world. The aim of the conference is to provide an international forum for experts to promote, share, and discuss various issues and developments in the field of electrical power engineering.

The theme of the meeting is: Shaping the Future Energy Industry

Papers are invited on all topics related to electric power and energy and especially for the Super Sessions topics with the following focus:

1. Electricity Supply to Rural and Remote Communities:

  • Challenges and options for electrification of rural and remote areas (Technical and Financial)
  • Grid-based vs. off-grid energy delivery systems
  • Alternate forms of energy supply (solar home systems, off-grid renewables, AC vs. DC, etc.)
  • Development of hydro resources in remote areas
  • Standalone community power supply systems with mini-grids
  • Impact of electricity on socio-economic development (health care, education, income levels and improvement of living conditions)
  • Application of advanced technologies to expand access
    Historical review of rural electrification success stories

2. Transmission System Efficiency and Reliability Improvements

  • Voltage and reactive power optimization and management
  • Application of advanced technologies to improve transmission efficiency
  • Reliability and utilization gains from system efficiency improvements
  • Planning, engineering tools and processes to design and operate more efficient transmission systems
  • Impacts of integrating renewable generation, electrical vehicles, and bulk energy storage
  • Environmental gains through more efficient use of transmission resources
  • Application of advanced technologies to expand access
  • Dynamic performance of systems operating closer to limits

3. Impacts of Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Events on Electric Power Systems

  • Prediction and monitoring of GMD events
  • Power system modeling for GMD analysis
  • Potential impacts to the bulk electric system
  • Procedures and mitigation techniques for system planning, design and operation
  • Effects of geomagnetic induced currents on high voltage equipment (transformers, capacitor banks, SVCs, etc.)
  • Protective relaying and control issues
  • Impact of present and potential regulatory compliance requirements
  • Results and observations from actual GMD events

4. Innovation and Advancements in Protection, Automation and Control for Evolving Power Systems

  • Substation, distribution and feeder automation advancements
  • Industry standards and interoperability developments
  • Regulation and cyber security
  • Next generation EMS/SCADA systems
  • Wide-Area monitoring, protection, and control, including system integrity protection schemes
  • Distribution operation and outage management systems
  • Lessons learned with the deployment of PMUs
  • Dynamic performance of power system automation, protection and control schemes

5. Generation Mix Strategies: Solving Energy Production Challenges of the 21st Century

  • New policies and regulations in support of regional and country level generation mix futures
  • Conventional vs. Renewable generation mix: challenges and solutions
  • Effects of natural gas pricing on generation decisions
  • Future of nuclear power in the generation portfolio
  • High penetration of distributed energy resources and its impact on security and reliability of power supply
  • Strategies for retirement and replacement of generation facilities
  • Grid Technical Challenges: Planning, interconnection, operation and control techniques

Please Note Changes for the 2013 PES General Meeting

Conference Paper Submission Requirements: Papers (maximum length five (5) pages) must be prepared in accordance with the procedures outlined in the PES Authors Kit, available on the PES web site (home page URL: http://www.ieee-pes.org). Full papers must be submitted to the on-line submission and review site (Papers identified as Part 1 and Part 2 papers will NOT be accepted). A link to the submission site will be available from the PES home page on 1 Nov 2012. All papers must be submitted by 7 December 2012. Authors will be advised via email of acceptance or rejection of the paper by 28 Feb 2013. If revisions are required, authors will be notified prior to that date.

Presentation of Conference Papers: The majority of accepted conference papers will be scheduled for presentation at the Monday evening poster session. Presentation of an accepted paper at the conference is a requirement of publication. Any paper that is not presented at the conference will not be included in IEEE Xplore.

Presentation of Select Conference Papers: The top 60 to 80 accepted conference papers will be selected to be presented in a Conference Paper Session. Author(s) will be allowed 8 minutes to present their paper and will be allowed to use a maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides, including the introductory slide. (Please note: No questions or discussion will immediately follow the presentations. The authors will be available for questions on their paper at the Monday evening poster session.) Authors will be notified if their papers are selected for this presentation. Guidelines for preparing PowerPoint slides can be found on the PES web page: http://www.ieee-pes.org/guidelines-for-preparing-visuals-for-pes-presentations

Prize Conference Paper: A few of the top 60 to 80 conference papers will be chosen and recognized as General Meeting Conference Prize Papers. These papers and authors will be acknowledged at the Tuesday night Awards Dinner.

Transactions Paper Presentations: The PES Technical Committees will be selecting published Transactions papers for presentation at the 2013 General Meeting. An author of an accepted PES Transactions paper who is interested in presenting it at the 2013 PES General Meeting must upload the full paper, in addition to the paper's abstract, to the on-line submission and review site by the deadlines listed above. The appropriate Technical Committee Program Chair (TCPC) will determine if the topic of the paper is suited for presentation in one of the technical sessions. The author will be notified of the decision by e-mail. (Please note: The author should follow the steps on the review site and upload the full paper in addition to the abstract. This is for the TCPC's use only. The full paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. Do not upload the full paper as its own submission. It must be uploaded along with the abstract so there will be only one conference paper number.) Accepted Transactions papers that will be presented at the 2013 PES General Meeting will have their abstracts published in the Conference Proceedings.

Special Issue Transactions Paper Presentations: Beginning in 2013, select papers from Special Issue PES Transactions will be presented at the PES General Meeting. The Special Issues have already been identified for 2013, but authors are encouraged to submit papers to future special issues. Information on planned Special Issue PES Transactions can be found at: http://www.ieee-pes.org/calls-for-transactions

Conference Registration: At least one author of each accepted conference paper or Transactions paper for presentation must register for the meeting and pay the appropriate fee. Conference papers, or Transactions paper abstracts, will not be released for publication in the 2013 PES General Meeting Proceedings or scheduled for presentation unless the fee is paid. Note: Registration deadline for authors may be earlier than the general registration deadline. Additional information about the meeting will be posted as it becomes available on the conference web site at http://www.ieee-pes.org

Panel Sessions: Panelists will not be required to write summary papers to participate in panel sessions. Only PowerPoint presentations are required. Invited panelists are free to submit a conference paper on the topic they are asked to present, if they so choose, but it must be submitted to the on-line submission and review site by the conference paper submission deadlines listed above and it will be reviewed for acceptance under the same criteria as all conference paper submissions. Participation as a panelist does not guarantee that your conference paper submission will be accepted and published. If the paper is accepted it will not be scheduled in the Monday evening poster session since the subject matter will be covered and discussed in a panel session. The panel presentation will be sufficient for the conference paper presentation requirement.

Combo Sessions: Some Technical Committees may schedule Combo Sessions where a Committee, or Working Group, meeting will be held in combination with paper presentations. Accepted Conference Papers that are chosen for presentation in a Combo Session will not be scheduled in the Monday evening poster session.

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