2020 Student Poster Competition


Graduate Student Poster Contest Winners

1st Place

  • William Johns, Montana State University
    "A Multi-function AAA Algorithm Applied to Frequency Dependent Line Modeling"

2nd Place

  • Soheil Mohseni, Victoria University of Wellington
    "A Game-Theoretic Approach to Model Interruptible Loads: Application to Micro-Grid Planning"

3rd Place (tie)

  • Matthew Bossart, University of Colorado at Boulder
    “The Effect of Power Electronic Loads on Western Interconnection Stability”
  • Andrea Pinceti, Arizona State University
    "Generation of Synthetic Multi-Resolution Time Series Load Data via Generative Adversarial Networks"


Undergraduate Student Poster Contest Winners

1st Place

  • Rosemary Alden, University of Kentucky
    "Tradeoffs in Forecasting of Residential Electric Loads with Data from Smart Meters and Intelligent Circuit Breakers"

2nd Place

  • Junyu Ren, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    "A Method for Power System Transient Stability Assessment Based on Transfer Learning"

3rd Place

  • Yanghao Yu, Tsinghua University
    "Estimating the Flexibility Benefit of Concentrating Solar Plants in Electricity Markets"