IEEE PES 2018 General Meeting

Plenary Session at a Glance
Shifting Trends in the Electric Industry and Strategy Implications

Monday, August 6, 2018 9 A.M. - 11 A.M.

Theme: Shifting trends in the electric industry are driving significant changes in strategy including deployment of smart grid technology, transportation electrification, increasing customer engagement, investing in clean and reliably energy supply, and partnerships with local communities on smart cities initiatives. With an increasing shift to wind and solar generation sources, utilities are continuing to address the challenges and benefits of integrating distributed energy resources into the grid.

The plenary session will examine the evolving electric utility landscape and shifting strategic initiatives from the operations and planning perspective, the customer perspective, and the regulatory perspective.

The plenary session will feature six speakers from an international cross-section of organizations dealing with diverse aspects of technology deployment and energy resource integration. The speakers will provide insight into initiatives that are currently underway, and a vision for the future.


Session Moderator

Richard Goddard

Richard Goddard – Portland General Electric
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Maria Pope

Maria Pope – President and CEO, Portland General Electric
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Larry Bekkedahl

Larry Bekkedahl – Vice President, Transmission & Distribution, Portland General Electric
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Peter Jørgensen

Peter Jørgensen – Vice President, Associated Activities, Energinet
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Mark Ahlstrom

Mark Ahlstrom – Vice President, Renewable Energy Policy, Nextera
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Heather Rosentrater

Heather Rosentrater – Vice President, Energy Delivery
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David Danner

David Danner – Chairman of the Utilities and Transportation Commission
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