2015 IEEE PES General Meeting Super Sessions topics


DC in an AC world

  • DC distribution development
  • Residential uses of DC
  • DC in Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • AC vs. DC Microgrids
  • DC Distributed Generation
  • Smart integration and operation
  • Emerging Standards for DC

Changing Generation Assets and Their Impacts

  • True costs and limitations of ‘green’ generation
  • Utilization of Residential Generation
  • Balancing Intermittent Generation with and without storage
  • Power Quality issues associated with PVs and Wind Generators
  • Challenges of changing fuel mix
  • Planning, operation, and interaction of gas and electricity infrastructures.
  • Challenges in power system studies


Challenges In Asset Management

  • Rebuilding the electricity transmission infrastructure.
  • The implications and importance of aging infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring and emergency control
  • Skilled workforce issues and training requirements
  • Establishing metrics for asset management
  • Impacts of electric vehicle (EV) integration
  • Big data management and utilization


Future Economics of The Grid

  • Cost effective means of energy conservation
  • Market design and operation due to changing demand and energy usage profiles
  • Economics of the changing fuel mix
  • Cost versus benefits of regulatory policies
  • Can the customer afford renewable generation?
  • Economics of system automation, control, and customer communication
  • Economics of electric vehicle (EV) integration