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Technical Tours

The following innovative and informative technical tours have been planned. Full or one-day conference registration is required to attend these tours. Registration for Technical Tours ends on 11 July; there is no on-site registration.

UCSD Microgrid Tour Description
Monday, July 23, 2012: 1 – 4 PM $45
The San Diego Chapter of the IEEE Power and Energy Society in cooperation with UCSD is very proud to have arranged for a presentation and tour of UCSD's microgrid for IEEE members and friends. The UCSD microgrid is regarded by Power Magazine as one of the most efficient in the US. UCSD self generates 82% of its electricity and 95% of its cooling and heating requirements. UCSD received the 1st Annual Climate Leadership Award for Institutional Excellence in Climate Leadership from the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) based upon its mix of generation, storage and load management. The tour will provide an informative presentation followed by a shuttle field trip to the highlights of the campus including the CHP plant that received an EPA Energy Star Award in 2010 for achieving 66% combined efficiency along with a variety of solar generation and energy storage technologies. The UCSD Microgrid is a “living laboratory” and is constantly looking at new ideas and technology to reduce UCSD’s energy and CO2 footprint by pioneering innovative technologies and adopting and integrating renewable resources.

Miguel Substation: 500kV GIS
Tuesday, July 24: 11 am – 4 pm $45
Closed-toed shoes and long-sleeved cotton pants/shirts are required for this tour.

Miguel is one of San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) premier substations. Retrofitted in 2004 with 500kV GIS, it is a major energy gateway to San Diego. Located in the rural subdevelopment of Bonita, Miguel is a 500/230/138/69kV substation. On this tour you will be escorted through an operational substation through the 500,000V bus work and have an opportunity to examine the Condition Based Monitoring equipment currently installed on the 500/230kV transformers. You will learn the unique perspectives of SDG&E; from permitting challenges, engineering philosophy, seismic design, construction methods, to operational concerns.

The SDG&E Energy Innovation Center
Wednesday, July 25, 2012: 1 – 4 PM $45
­Explore the latest green technologies and learn about energy efficiency at the Center, designed to be one of San Diego’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum buildings open to the public. Here are a few of the special features at the Center:

· Limit the waste. About 85% of the original building’s materials were reused or recycled.
· The roof isn’t just a roof. It’s covered with special materials that reflect heat and help the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C (HVAC) system not to work so hard.
· One big battery—the sun. The solar panels do things like offset the building’s energy use by 34% and heat their water.
· The sky is a reservoir. The roof has a rain water collection unit that stores water used for their irrigation system.
· Go with the low-flow. All of the water fixtures are ultra low flow, helping to reduce water consumption up to 30%.
· Bright ideas. The Center features the newest technology in lighting, reducing its energy use. Each room is equipped with sensors that automatically turn off the lights when it’s not being used.
· Smart air. The state-of-the-art HVAC system has sensors that shut off the A/C when windows are open.
· The carpet’s a retread. Literally, it’s made from recycled tires. Most of the items you see in the Center are made from recycled materials, including our furniture.
· The ozone is our friend. The Center features only low-emitting materials — paint, sealants, adhesives, and coatings.
· Even the trees are solar. The parking lot features Solar Trees® — covered parking areas with solar panels on top that provide both shade for your car and power for the region.

General Atomics Fusion and Electric Transportation Tour Description
Thursday, July 26, 9 am – 12 pm $45

The Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) Group of General Atomics is a supplier of advanced electromagnetic systems and related power equipment for a variety of defense, energy, and commercial transportation applications. EMS has leading-edge expertise in the design and fabrication of linear motors, superconducting and conventional rotating motors, power inverters, high-voltage DC power distribution systems, and numerous other energy conversion, distribution, and storage systems. General Atomics’ Electromagnetic Systems (EMS) Division is developing a range of technologies to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of modern power generation and energy conversion systems.
Join us for a briefing and tour of the General Atomics Tokamak DIII-D facility and Maglev and linear motor technologies. General Atomics has been conducting magnetic fusion research since the 1960s, and was a pioneer in the toroidal magnetic confinement device called the "tokamak." Their work has included a focus on non-circular cross-section tokamaks, including Doublet II, Doublet III and today's DIII-D. The DIII-D Program is a large international program, with 90 participating institutions and a research team of 515 users. General Atomics has developed a family of advanced Maglev Linear Motor systems including: FTA Urban Maglev for port transportation; LIM-Rail™ - Truck Carrier Concept Runs on standard rails – elevated or at grade; MagneTruck™ Concept; ECCO™: Maglev for Freight Movement; and MagiCarpet™ZC.

SDG&E Operation Center and Smart Grid Tour
Thursday, July 26, 1 – 4 pm $45

This tour will include both a tour of SDG&E’s operating center for its electric transmission and distribution system and a short tour of new smart grid equipment that is being tested at our Skills Training center. The tour of SDG&E’s operating center will include a short overview the real time operating center for managing the electric transmission system and the real time dispatch and control system for operating the electric distribution system. SDG&E is implementing a state of the art Outage Management System (OMS) and Distribution Management System (DMS) that will operate and control the electric distribution system and take advantage of new smart grid technology. A short tour will also be provided of new smart grid technology that is being tested at our Skills Training center.