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Reincarnation and Evolution of the Electric Vehicle

Tuesday, 26 July     8 AM – 12 noon

In 2011 electric vehicles have been embraced by the world's largest automotive companies and, before long, will become a significant portion of the transportation mix. What can we extrapolate from recent work? Join a panel of expert utility and automotive engineers for the most up-to-date understanding of what we have learned. Find out the current status of US and international standards. Hear what is happening within automotive standards groups such as the Society of Automotive Engineers. Also presented will be the impact on the Grid of EV charging from recent trials. There will be discussion on unconventional charging techniques such as DC and inductive. Find out about EV's at one of the world's automotive capitals.

SAE Hardware Standard Activities

- Gery Kissel, SAE J1772TM Task Force Lead, General Motors


SAE Communication Activities

- Richard Scholer, SAE J2836TM/J2847/J2931 Task Force Lead, Ford Motor


NIST Standards Activities Focusing on V2G

- Jerry Melcher, Executive Advisor, Quanta Technology

DOE PEV Data Collection Program

- John G Smart, Idaho National Lab


Energy and the Environment

Tuesday, 26 July      1- 5 PM

Fossil fuels-such as coal, natural gas and oil-provide most of the energy used, and at the same time, impact the environment across geographical scales. Achieving sustainable and secure energy use requires that energy be developed from renewable and biological resources. It also needs to be produced by cleaner and more efficient technologies, and be used more efficiently and with greater conservation. This session examines the programs that are currently in place to reduce emissions, promote more energy efficient energy use, and improve environmental quality, without disrupting current energy supplies.

Energy Decisions in the Midst of Major Regulatory Change

- Skiles Boyd, Vice President of Environmental Management and Resources at DTE Energy

Water Energy Nexus

- Kurt Westermann, Senior Vice President, Director of the Renewable Energy

and Energy Efficiency Business, Black & Veatch Corp.

Energy Storage and Electric Grids:  Implementation Challenges and Opportunities

- Jim Croce, President and CEO of the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy

Commercialization (NIREC)

Chemistry in a Low-Carbon Economy

- E. Adam Muellerweiss, Commercial Director, Energy and Climate Change, The

Dow Chemical Company

Clean, Unlimited Energy - The Next Big Breakthrough

- Donna Zobel, President and CEO Myron Zucker, Inc. and Dept. of Commerce

Manufacturing Council Vice Chair of the Energy Subcommittee


Energy Storage

Wednesday, 27 July     8 AM – 12 noon

Energy storage holds great promise in helping our grid meet the challenges it faces in the coming years. Besides pumped hydro and other traditional storage systems, a large variety of electrochemical batteries are now becoming available for grid applications.

Traditional battery storage is with large central multi-MWh storage units. An alternative approach is to take advantage of the Smart Grid communication and control infrastructure and aggregate a large number of widely distributed but much smaller kWh-scale battery units to make them function as a multi-MWh central storage unit. This approach, also called "Distributed Bulk Storage", is very promising and can be used at both the distribution and transmission levels. Aggregation of hundreds of kWh-scale Community Energy Storage (CES) units scattered along a distribution feeder can effectively serve as multi-MWh distribution storage.

This Supersession has six panelists made up of CES developers, system aggregators and end users sharing their experience to address different aspects of development, testing and deployment of this new technology-agnostic storage platform that is becoming popular among utilities.

Distributed Bulk Storage

- Ali Nourai, KEMA

Community Energy Storage (CES) at AEP

- Tom Weaver, American Electric Power

Status of the Community Energy Storage Deployment at DTE Energy

- Hawk Asgeirsson, DTE Energy

Community Energy Storage - Communicating with A Smart Utility Grid

- Don Berkowitz, S&C Electric Company

Distributed Bulk Storage

- John Jung, Greensmith Energy Mgmt Systems

Synergy between Electrified Vehicle and Community Energy Storage Batteries

and Markets

- Kenneth Dudek. CAR Technologies LLC

- Robert Lane, CAR Technologies LLC


Distributed Bulk Storage: Independent Testing of Complete CES Systems

- Richard Fioravanti; KEMA


Wind Power & Photovoltaic

Wednesday, 27July       1 -  5 PM

This session covers the latest developments in renewable wind and solar energy, beginning with a look at the General Meeting's host state of Michigan. The technical topics address market operation with variable power sources, extending the experience gained from large-scale wind plant design to large-scale solar plants, and how to integrate ever-larger amounts of renewable generation on distribution systems. The session will include two specially selected conference papers from those submitted to the meeting. Presenters and authors will respond to audience questions and comments in a panel-session format.

Powering Michigans Energy Future

- Irene Dimitry, DTE Energy

The Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council: Recommendations for Developing

Offshore Wind in the Great Lakes

- Leonard Bohmann, Michigan Technical University

Wind Power Bidding Based on Chance-constrained Optimization

- Qianfan Wang, University of Florida

- Jianhui Wang Argonne National Laboratories

- Yongpei Guan University of Florida

Power Oscillation Damping Controller for Wind Power Plant Utilizing Wind

Turbine Inertia as Energy Storage

- Thyge Knuppel, Siemens

- Jorgen Nielsen, Siemens

- Kim Jensen, Siemen

- Andrew Dixon, National Grid UK

- Jacob Ostergaard, DTU


Energy Extraction Characteristic Study of Solar Photovoltaic Cells and


- Shuhui Li, University of Alabama

- Huiying Zheng, University of Alabama


Solar Power Plant Design and Interconnection

- Ernst Camm, S&C Electric Company

- Steve Williams S&C Electric Company

Integration Challenges of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation on Power

Distribution Systems

- Julio Aguero, Quanta Technology

- Steve Steffel, PEPCO


Application of Direct Transfer Trip for Prevention of DG Islanding

- Reigh Walling, GE


Smart Grid

Thursday, 28 July      Part 1: 8 AM – 12 noon;     Part 2: 1 – 5 PM

The effort of the Smart Grid is to modernize the grid infrastructure by use of communication. Alternatively, it can provide advanced information that can enable grid analytical technologies. The Smart Grid needs to integrate power system analysis, economics, efficiency, and security to enhance reliability. In this session, the practical implementation and integration challenges of analytics is presented. This one day event will include eight presentations. The morning will be dedicated Analyticfal methods that address advanced operation and planning and the afternoon to integration and implementation efforst that consider practical challenges.

Morning Session:

Requirements Driven Design and Implementation of Smart Grid Applications

and Technology

- Stephen McArthur, University of Strathclyde

PMU Data Analysis for Enhanced Control Center Operations

- Jay Giri, ALSTOM Grid

Analytically Driven Power Distribution Applications

- Karen Miu. Cornell University

Real Time Pricing and Demand Response

- Rob Pratt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Afternoon Session:

Practical Deployment of A Wide Area Monitoring and Protection System

- Jun Wen, Southern California Edison

Smart Distribution Applications & Their Integration in a Smart Grid


- Bob Uluski, EPRI

Integration of PEV and PV Sources into the Electric Distribution System

- Luther Dow, Quanta Technology

DTE's SmartCurrents Program- Technical Achievements and Practical


- Gerard Labut, DTE Energy


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