CEU and PDH Information


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered by IEEE

A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction. A unit generally consists of courses of study that refresh, update and enhance knowledge, skills and experience of professional personnel.

Providers of CEUs must be approved by an accrediting body within a jurisdiction such as state/province or country. IEEE is an Authorized Provider of CEUs through The International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), and has adopted IACET guidelines and criteria for all its continuing professional development programs. Authorized Providers of the IACET must reapply every five years and undergo a rigorous assessment to maintain their status. 

IACET-approved CEUs are accepted by accrediting bodies in every state within the US and by most other countries; therefore, certification of IEEE CEUs by individual states and countries is not required. If IEEE is not included on a state’s list of approved CEU providers, it is because the listing is of CEUs providers specifically certified by the state and does not include the names of the more global IACET CEU providers.

Any course that offers CEUs which is presented by an IEEE entity has been reviewed and approved according to standards set by IACET.  All registered students who complete an IEEE course offering CEUs will receive a certificate from the IEEE attesting to the CEUS earned by the attendee.

It is up to each student to determine if a specific course or program fills the needs of the discipline or certifying body for which the CEUs are intended.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Continuing professional education for licensed engineers is measured in Professional Development Hours (PDH).  A PDH is one contact hour of instruction or presentation.  Currently,  approximately thirty states mandate Professional Development Hours to maintain P.E. licensure, each with varying requirements. 

CEUs readily translate into PDHs (1CEU=10 PDHs), though PDHs do not convert automatically to CEUs.

The licensee is responsible for maintaining records to be used to support PDH credits claimed. PES does not track this information, and no certificates are provided.  Unlike the precedure for CEUs, courses are not pre-approved by the IEEE for PDHs.

At many PES meetings, forms are readily available that can be completed by attendees of any session and signed by the session chair to verify attendance.  The completed forms are held by each attendee.  They are not submitted to IEEE. It is up to each licensee to provide the forms to the certifying body or employer, and to determine if a specific course or program fills the needs of the discipline or certifying body an/or employer for which the PDHs are intended.